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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

One Fine Day in Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte

Bagasbas Beach is famous, not only to the locals, but even to foreign visitors. with its long stretched of beach, about 2 kilometers, with powdery sand. The beach faces sunrise from the shores of Daet. For a public beach, free for everyone, it is relatively clean...free of waste other than seaweeds or dried leaves.

Open cottages for rent lined part of the shoreline. Surf boards are available for rent and so are instructors for a standard rate. 

DSC_1745_c52 v71

Going to Bagasbas Beach Last November 01 is a spur of a moment decision…not part of the things to do while we were in Bicol.
The night before, one of my brother wanted to go to the nearby town of Jose Panganiban at four in the morning to buy meat for our meals the whole day. I am not sure how it happened, but in between asking who wants to accompany him…he mentioned Bagasbas Beach and their recent trip with some of our nieces and nephews.

To make the story short, right there and then…we decided to go to Bagasbas Beach. I conducted a meeting with the children, ask them if they want to go and if they do they should sleep early…or they will be left behind. We will have breakfast at Jollibee Daet (the nearest outlet from Batobalani).

After the children left, we discuss about the car arrangement. There are only 2 cars available for 19 passengers: 8 adults, 3 teens, 7 kids and 1 baby…excluded are 4 adults. How in the world are we going to fit in? Then Aster came to the rescue by saying, “I will try if there will be an available van that can be borrowed”. And so it’s settled…

The day of the trip, we were informed that there is no available van. Good thing, my only brother-in-law arrived from Manila…so we have 2 cars and 1 SUV. “Ang galing talaga ni Lord”…perfect timing.

When we left Batobalani, it seemed like it will rain. Initially, Jonjie and I will go directly to Jollibee, to buy our breakfast. But we have 3 kids on board which we think “sayang naman ang moment” with their cousins on the beach if they are going to tag along with us. Jonjie and I agreed that we will bring them first to the beach and if it’s raining, we will pack and go. If not, the two of us will go to Jollibee. Right after we talked, I received a text message from my sister with the same line of thought.

DSC_1747_vib af

We reached the place. The sun is shining with no hint of rain. The children did not waste any minute…off they go to the beach. I decided to leave Jonjie to take pictures and requested another one of my brother to drive me to Jollibee.


Even the youngest among the children is clearly enjoying the fine sand and the sea. Look at that face...the eyes...the smile. He is just so adorable...

Eating our breakfast...kanya-kanyang puwesto...para-paraan lang...

When we returned, they are already off the beach…hungry…waiting for the food. But no children in sight. Jonjie said, "they are rinsing themselves, some are changing clothes". I was surprised because swimming is not part of the plan.

Apparently, our daughter Daniz started it all. She said she lost her footings and got wet...and the rest is...well, they enjoyed themselves...

I missed the fun, the sun and the sand but I have their stories and the beautiful pictures…
DSC_1758_bueno af
The Cousins, from L to R: Lia, JB, Janna, Daniz (at the back), Jolo, Carmelle, Jovanni, Enzo
DSC_1767 DSC_1776 DSC_1780 DSC_1786
DSC_1762_vibDSC_1751_buenoDSC_1777_vib af
Throwback. Daniz first visit in Bagasbas Beach with her cousins, from L to R: Neil in blue, Carmelle, Daniz, Jovanni, Jolo, John Dino, Janna. Taken last August 2008
  • The road to the beach from the town proper is already paved and improved, not like the last time that we visited the area. Going there is just a breeze…except the traffic when exiting the town proper because of the large numbers of tricycles and vehicles parked along the side of the roads.
  • Daniz wanted to go surfing but we can only stay for a few hours...
  • We hailed from Batobalani, one of the 27 barangays of Paracale, Camarines Norte. 
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