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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

5 Things To Do @ SM Clark, Pampanga: Family Saturdate

This is one of those Saturdays that though we wanted to snooze in bed but we had to get up early because of our 10:30 am appointment with the dentist. 


And we took advantage of our day at the mall, thus the following activities:

1.  Visit Dentista’s Kido Dental Clinic


When Daniz was three years old, she had an accident that resulted for her two upper front teeth to be removed by surgery…and it traumatized her. Add to it was her fear of needle, therefore, dentist equals fear equals imaginary pain.

It was her second visit to the Kido Dental Clinic with Dr. Brenda Manganaan Eleria for sealant of her two lower molar teeth, the first one was teeth cleaning. For both of the visits, Daniz was crying  but thanks to Dr. Brenda’s patience in explaining the procedure and introducing her to the different dentist’s tools and even letting her try it on herself, she's looking forward to her third visit this coming September.

2. Bungee Jumping

I asked her why she like bungee jumping and her simple answer “she feels happy and a little bit scared”. She was one of the first and loyal customers of bungee fun at SM Clark. Whenever a reward is coming her way for a job well done, at home or at school, her first choice would be bungee fun. There was a time that she did 9 minutes straight (3 sessions at 3-mins per session). For her latest bungee jumping, please click here.

3. Lunch @ The Sandwich Guy


IMG_8050 IMG_8062 IMG_8064


Bacon and Egg for Daniz, Mushy Bacon for Daday, and Pulled Pork for myself. While having our lunch, we had a chance to talked to the two key persons of the store. We mentioned about our concerns regarding the pictures on their menu board against the actual items...that for the customers it can be a case of false advertising. They said that it was already elevated to the management...

4. Check Sale Items @ Uni Qlo



Personally, I love the pants of Uni Qlo...the materials and the fit. But, you will not catch me buying their regular priced items...

5. Picture…Picture…

IMG_8072[1] IMG_8074[1]    IMG_8084[1] IMG_8086[1]

Picture...picture "pag may time" if she's in the mood. And this was one of those days that she's camera friendly.

Daniz #OOTD: Top by Lemon Kiss (a gift from Tita Jeannie), Pants by Beverly Hills Polo Club, Boots by Monster High.

Then, it was time to head home…it was a fruitful day. Our visit to the dentist was another small triumph for Daniz and we were able to enjoy the day afterwards.


How about you...what are "the things you do" in the mall? Please feel free to share you thoughts...leave your comments.

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