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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Downtown Cafe, The Quad @ Nepo Center...Just the 2 of Us

Yesterday, we declared it as Jonjie and Annie’s Day…exclusive…just the two of us…just like old times!

We found ourselves walking the long stretched of the The Quad at Nepo Center, in Angeles City, Pampanga. It was dubbed as “the biggest convergence of locally grown restaurant brands”. One plus factor is the parking area which is safe and convenient…with a security guard patrolling the area.

Just the Two of Us at Downtown Cafe, The Quad @ Nepo Center  
 Just the Two of Us at Downtown Cafe, The Quad @ Nepo Center   Just the Two of Us at Downtown Cafe, The Quad @ Nepo Center

Since we do not have a specific food in mind, we checked the restaurants one by one, sometimes stopping to see the menu. Then a picture of “Pan de Bagnet” caught our attention…and then “Bale Dutung”. And we looked in each others eyes and we knew…this is the place.

6 Things to Fully Enjoy the Enchanting Potipot Island of Zambales

Potipot Island is known as the “Little Boracay” of the North. Located in Candelaria, Zambales, the island is a 10-minute ride from the mainland shore using a motorized boat.  It was already creating a buzz among local and even foreign travelers because of its pristine beach, powdery sand and clear water…we have yet to visit Boracay so there is no point of comparison.
Enchanting Potipot Island_vibrant af
It was two days before the first weekend of April this year and one of those times that we felt like going away…somewhere quiet and tranquil. Our initial plan is to go to Pangasinan to a public but unknown resort recommended by a friend of Jonjie. I called my brother Aster and told him about it and invited them to join us, if they do not have plans for the weekend.

Friday night, while we are preparing for the trip, Potipot Island suddenly came to my mind and mention it to Jonjie. Actually, the island was included in our 2013 “planned” trip so we already have a bit of information on it. Jonjie checked the net for some more details, compared the distance against the Pangasinan resort and then…Potipot here we come.

81 Things About Me…

81 Things About Me...
1)    I was born July 20, 1966.
2)    A farmer’s daughter.
3)    I was the eldest among 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls.
4)    I was a Lola’s girl.
5)    I graduated Salutatorian in elementary school.
6)    In high school, I was a Coconut Federation (CocoFed) Scholar and finished Valedictorian.
7)    I studied B.S. Industrial Engineering at Adamson University, Manila for 3 years.
8)    But, decided to stop for 1 year because of financial problems.
9)    My mother told me, “there are many things that could happen in 1 year”.
10)  So I did not stop, but decided to accept the Foster Parent Plan International (FPPI) scholarship.
11)  On a condition I should transfer to one of the university in Bicol.
12)  I chose University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City.
13)  And shifted to B.S. Mechanical Engineering without informing my parents.
14)  I finished the course but was not able to join the graduation.
15)  Because I lacked a 3-unit subject…I cannot remember what.
16)  I tried everything, even seeking special approval from the University President, but to no avail.
17)  One of my most disappointing and frustrating moments.
18)  Not for myself, but for my parents who would have been very proud to march beside me.
19)  I took the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam twice, not because I failed the first time.
20)  But because the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) Building was burnt few months prior the result.
21)  My father knew I finished B.S. in Mechanical Engineering when he saw my name in the newspaper.
22)  I passed the board exam and became a licensed Mechanical Engineer.


Historical Church: Barasoain Church of Malolos, Bulacan

Since I had a not so good morning the day before my birthday, I was not up for celebrating or going on a road trip even a short one. But again Jonjie has always something available to cheer me up or to make me going. He mentioned in passing that the blood relic of Saint Pope John Paul II was enshrined at Barasoain Church. That caught my interest and decided to go on a trip to Malolos, Bulacan.

Historical Church: Barasoain Church of Malolos, Bulacan

How Did I Celebrate My Birthday Despite the Sorrow?

Yesterday, I turned 48 years old.

And I celebrated this day with a happy heart, thinking of Inay smiling down on me, and finding solace from my husband and daughter, my siblings, and all the people who love me and greeted me on this special day.

From early morning until late in the afternoon, it is all about me and pampering myself with the support and encouragement of my ever loving husband. 
  1. Woke up to a sweet happy birthday and a kiss from Jonjie.
  2. Watched the replay of the NCIS…just the two of us.
  3. Lounged in the sofa while waiting for breakfast.
  4. And, answered texts and FB messages of those early greeters.
  5. Received a sleepy happy birthday from Daniz with her sweet smile and a kiss.
  6. Daniz joined us for breakfast, even if it’s still early (a special treat, Sunday is not always my birthday).
  7. Went to church.


Remembering Mother A Day Before My Birthday

Remembering Mother A Day Before My Birthday
I woke up this morning and my tears began to fall…lots of it….that turned into weeping. I felt as if my heart is being squeezed. It dawned on me with crushing pain that…

Jonjie woke up, then Daniz…they asked me what’s wrong. For a few moments, I cannot answer…I just cried my heart out. Then,
Me: It’s my birthday tomorrow and Inay will not be there to greet me (while sobbing uncontrollably)
Jonjie: We will be here for you (turning to Daniz for confirmation at the same time consoling me and reminding me to take a deep breathe)
Daniz: Mamay, don’t worry, she’s okey now (and embraced me, silently saying she’s there)
And they let me cried and cried…never leaving my side…embracing me…comforting me. I hope tomorrow will be a bit easier…

One Fine Morning with Daniz

Monday to Friday during school days, our morning starts at 5:10 am. And most mornings, we are “ngarag” or stressed as Jonjie and I, but mostly Jonjie, alternately reminding Daniz to do this or that or not to do this or that.
Her morning routines from 5:10 ~ 6:40am, a total of one hour and thirty minutes, consists of:
1.     Wake up (to several calls with gentle nudge from Jonjie)
2.     5 minutes extension to stay in bed
3.     Another 5 minutes more
4.     Use the toilet (several minutes with eyes close)
5.     Take a bath
6.     Put powder and lotion (sometimes not, kasi matagal daw)
7.     Put on white short and sando
8.     Wear socks and shoes
9.     Comb hair (need to always remind her)
10.   Eat breakfast (could be fast, depends if she like the food or not)
11.   Brush teeth (in between talking and walking to and from the sink)
12.   Put on school uniform
13.   Check self in the mirror
14.   Or let me arrange her hair (which could lead to another stress moment)
15.   Wear ID
16.   Get in the car

Farewell, Dearest Mother

June 06, 1941 ~ July 11, 2014

How do we let go of someone so special and constant in our lives?
How do we accept your passing and let God take you into His bosom?
Is it possible to celebrate your life, despite the pains and loneliness
And the void that you left behind?

Who will listen to our stories, comfort us when we are feeling down?
Who will be there to heal us or pray for us when we are sick?
Who will come travelling when there is a new addition to the family?
Who will answer us when we call Inay, Nay, Nanay, Madey?


Extreme Outdoor Adventure: Sandbox at Alviera, Porac Pampanga

DSC_0921_Extreme Outdoor Adventure: Sandbox at Alviera

Sandbox is a new outdoor adventure park developed by Ayala Land, Inc. located at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga. Sandbox is defined as “a ground partly filled with sand for children to play in”, but in this case, it is a huge playground, with lahar, for children not below 4 feet and those "children at heart" with thirst for extremely intense outdoor activities. The attractions includes: a 10-meter tall Giant Swing (the tallest in the country), a 30-minute course Aerial Walk, a 5-storey Adventure Tower for Wall Climbing and Rappelling, jump-off for the Free Fall and jump-off for the 180-meter long Avatar One Roller Coaster Zip Line (the first in the country).

Family Pictures Through the Years...The Three of Us

Countless times, ever since Daniz grasped the concept of family, she would asked “Are you happy, I am your daughter?”.

When we answered “Yes, of course”, she would smile her sweetest and say “Because of me, we became family?”


Daday's Kitchen: Half Pound Grilled Bacon Burger Melt

family, food, recipe, burger

Delicious. Juicy. Pure goodness. Yum, yum, yum with her eyes close, her head moving from side to side and with two-thumbs up...that's how Daniz describe this burger.