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JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

How Did I Celebrate My Birthday Despite the Sorrow?

Yesterday, I turned 48 years old.

And I celebrated this day with a happy heart, thinking of Inay smiling down on me, and finding solace from my husband and daughter, my siblings, and all the people who love me and greeted me on this special day.

From early morning until late in the afternoon, it is all about me and pampering myself with the support and encouragement of my ever loving husband. 
  1. Woke up to a sweet happy birthday and a kiss from Jonjie.
  2. Watched the replay of the NCIS…just the two of us.
  3. Lounged in the sofa while waiting for breakfast.
  4. And, answered texts and FB messages of those early greeters.
  5. Received a sleepy happy birthday from Daniz with her sweet smile and a kiss.
  6. Daniz joined us for breakfast, even if it’s still early (a special treat, Sunday is not always my birthday).
  7. Went to church.

  1. Birthday cake was waiting when we arrived home (when we were in the church, Daniz kept saying that they do not have a cake for me…I should have known better).

  1. Had a simple lunch of spaghetti and garlic bread prepared by Bev (forgot to take pictures of the foods, selfie na lang before eating)
  2. Received 1 box of Krispy Kreme from Cris.

  1. Went to the parlor to have my nails done with green nail polish and bamboo design, I saw the sunflower design too late but it will be my next design (normally, its cleaning only) while Jonjie had a haircut, hot oil and shave.

  1. Went to Mi Chay located near Clark, Mabalacat Gate and had a relaxing aromatherapy massage (I will make a separate blog on Mi Chay after I tried most of their services, now its only swedish, ventosa with massage and aromatherapy, and I’m already a believer). Jonjie tried the hot stone massage (my next in line or combination swedish and thai massage…hmmmm…)


But this day would not be as light and happy and comforting as it is, if not for the continuous pouring of birthday greetings from well-wishers that lifted my spirit and put smile on my face.

Though, I miss my annual birthday greeting from Inay but knowing that she would want me to celebrate this day and remembering her smile is enough to brighten the day.
Until next year…