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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Prado Farms, A Gem of a Farm in Lubao, Pampanga

The Entrance to the world of quirky buildings and junk arts of Prado Farms
Through the years, much had been written about Prado Farms but the one thing that’s common is the gate made-up of “old LPG tanks”. And if my memory served me right, it was even featured in one of the episode of Korina Sanchez’s Rated K.

The famous gate made of old LPG tanks at Prado Farms
Prado Farms is located in Brgy Prado Siongco, Lubao Pampanga, less than an hour travel from Manila. It was just a few kilometers from Mabalacat City where we are currently residing.

Twice or thrice, we inquired about their accommodation and rates, but there’s always some reasons or situations that hindered us from visiting the place. I would like to think, as I am writing this, it was not the right time then.

Then last February, we finally stayed at the farm for the weekend. We had such a great time. And I would try to share with you our experience, the nearest that I can, through this post and the pictures.

Upon arrival, since Jonjie already took care of the usual checked-in details, we were ushered to the building named Kera-Kera (kera means higa in Pampanga dialect, lie down).

Kera-Kera building is the place to rest and lie down at Prado Farms

The Kera-Kera Lobby

The sofas in Kera Kera lobby of Prado Farms invites you to just lie down
IMG_5467 IMG_5430

The view right outside of Kera-Kera Lobby


Our Room 

Even though it is small compared to some of the rooms that we had during our road trips but it was comfortable and tidy.

It is located in the second floor with shared toilet and bath. Good thing during our stay, its not fully booked, so we had it to ourselves. For available accommodations and rates, please check it here.

IMG_5427 IMG_5428

Swimming Time

As Daniz could not wait to swim, we hurriedly settled in our room and off we go…to accompany our mermaid to the swimming pool. She had the pool to herself…



Food is being prepared as per the number of confirmed guests. Since we checked-in late, we were informed that they will not be able to serve us dinner. Good thing there is a “karinderya” right beside the farm,

Before the night is over, while Daniz is already resting in our room (playing!), Jonjie and I had time for ourselves. And, have a cup of coffee…
IMG_5465    IMG_5459

Morning...A New Day

And then it’s morning. As it became our ritual, Jonjie and I woke up early to explore the place to ourselves…while Daniz is still sound asleep…and other guests are in their room also.

IMG_5489  IMG_5515

Buffet Breakfast

All organic. Vegetables are farm-grown and freshly picked before cooking or serving. Meats are from the free-range pigs and chickens. Even the coffee are  farm grown, picked and roasted beans

Good for 2, inclusive of our overnight accommodation, + 1 for Daniz is served in Kera-Kera’s dining area: fried longganisa (the smallest we’ve eaten, Guagua-made from the farm’s free-range organic pig), poached organic egg, fried bangus, pandesal with butter, farm-made coco jam, freshly brewed coffee for me, fresh basil leaves tea for Jonjie.

DSC_0337  DSC_0334DSC_0333  IMG_5511IMG_5509

Buffet Lunch 

Served at the Mangan Yaman Pavilion. Overnight guests may or may not avail of this as it is not included in the rate. But for day-tour guests, this is included in the package.

Prado green salad with tangy patis calamansi dressing, bagoong rice, sauteed kangkong, steamed kangkong, pork belly rendang, free-range chicken steamed in lemon grass, steamed alugbati, steamed kamote tops, tinapang bangus, squash soup, kamote tops juice and sansrival with farm-made cocoa and crushed peanuts for dessert.

Structures Inside the Farm

These are just the "wrappers",  because most of beautiful "art junks" are inside those structures. I will be making a separate post to share some of those photos.
The Main Building. This is what you will see from the road.
The Pink House. I just named it for its color but actually the back of the main building.
The Blue House
The Yellow House
The Theater. This used to be an old Train Station from Pangasinan, they hauled the entire platform and restored.
The Mangan Yaman Pavilion. In Pampanga dialect, mangan means eat and manyaman means delicious.
The Chapel
The Farm House. It can be used as function room for small group. Jonjie is with Prado Farms' Operation Head, Mr. Melvin Delos Reyes.
The Pool
The Ifugao Huts...a place for quiet time.
The Tree House. It's sturdy because the structure is made of metal.
The Owner's Residence. Off limits!
Side entrance to the Owner's Residence
If you are a family with small children and you want them to experience a farm life even just for a day…

A group of friends who is looking to spend your weekend together or wanted to escape the busyness of city life…

Or you are someone who wanted a quiet place and just laze around...

Then this is an ideal place especially this summer vacation.

For the things that you can do in Prado Farms, you may read 7 Things To Do at Prado Farms.


  • Compliments to the staff and to their Operation Heads: Mr. Eugene Endoayan and Mr. Melvin Delos Reyes for the warm welcome and for going out of your way to make sure that our stay is memorable. 

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