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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Home Staycation at Lily of the Valley Organic Farms in Benguet

The main door welcoming visitors inside the LOV Homestay

We traveled to La Trinidad, Benguet several times but only to go to Strawberry Farms. We never knew that there is a place called Lily of the Valley Organic Farms and Homestay until it was featured in Kris TV last January 1, 2016.

In the span of 3 months since then, we tried to book a room for the weekend but the reply we would get is “we are fully booked over the weekend”.

Then last March 4, its a Friday, I tried to inquire if there is an available room for the weekend. Lo and behold, there is! And without thinking twice, I requested to reserve the room for an overnight stay for Saturday.

Welcome sign to the Lily of the Valley

LOV Organic Farms and Homestay is located a few minutes away from the famous Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad. It is a hidden gem, nestled in one of the valleys of Benguet, away from the noise and busyness of the city.

It is owned by the dynamic tandem of Mr. Jefferson and Mrs. Elisa Laruan. ATI in the Cordillera website describe Sir Jefferson as the “The Organic Agriculture Preacher-Farmer of the Cordilleras”. Ma’am Elise is a retired nurse and teacher, she’s the one behind the delicious home-cooked food for her family and for the guests.

The receiving and/or dining area at the Lily of the Valley Farm
Corner of photos and memorabilia of the owners and their family

Here are the things that we really enjoyed during our staycation:

1. Our Room

Upon arrival, we settled in the reserved room for us…the Dac-amen Room. According to Ma’am Elise, it is named after the ancestor of the land where the farm is located.

It has no TV, no WI-FI and we even have to use a common bathroom located in the ground floor. But it doesn’t dampen our spirit. Though we heard a murmur of complaint from Daniz, but it did not last long…as she found a playmate with the grandson of Ma’am Elise.

The view of our room for the night beside the balcony
On the left is the balcony and on the right is our room...
The Dac-amen Room...our room for the night
Sorry for the mess :)...this picture was taken while packing our things, a few minutes before we left.
The view of the organic vegetable garden from our window
The view from the window of our room. Below are veggie plots and farther left with the bamboo fence is the campsit

2. The Farm-Grown, Home-Cooked Organic Foods

Our Dinner. At short notice while on our way to the farm, Ma’am Elise Laruan, was kind enough to accommodate us for dinner.

Our organic dinner: mountain rice, chicken tinola with sayote, rosemary pork with bay carrotsIMG_6398 IMG_6396 IMG_6397
Mountain Rice, Chicken Tinola with Sayote and young Sayote Leaves, Rosemary Pork with baby Carrots

Our Breakfast

Our healthy and organic breakfast: fried mountain rice, kale omelette, sauteed kale, grilled chicken with rosemary
IMG_6478 IMG_6476 IMG_6483
Fried Mountain Rice, Kale Omellete, Sauteed Kale, Grilled Chicken with Rosemary

One of the best freshly brewed coffee that we have tasted. Jonjie and I had a few cups after dinner. And I had several, before, during and after breakfast. The coffee beans are locally grown from Atok, Benguet.

One of the best freshly brewed coffee that we've tasted

3. The Camp Site

The set-up below only shows one tent that can accommodate 4 persons. For big groups, they can set-up a maximum of 4 tents. The camping rate is Php1,000 per tent (as of this writing, April 2016).

Upon request and for a fee of Php1,000 pesos, a bonfire can also be set-up near the campsite…with marshmallows and hotdogs for roasting. Please click here for a short video of bonfire during our stay.

Tent can be set-up with bonfire as per request
The Campsite with the Bonfire where we roasted marshmallow the previous night
Enjoying hot coffee beside the tent on an early cold morning
Enjoying freshly brewed mountain coffee on an early cold morning
Dining Table in a natural and green setting

Freshly brewed mountain coffee for me and hot fresh basil leaf tea for Jonjie

4. The Farm

In every trip, it became a habit for Jonjie and I to wake up early and explore the place…when everything seems on a standstill and every guests are still snoozing in their beds.

We visited the organic farm which is located at back of the house on the lower ground beside the brook. We saw organic vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red and green cabbage, etc.

LOV Organic Vegetables
Our room is the one on the left with open window.
Just the 2 of Us moment at LOV Organic Farms
J and A...just the two of us moment!
IMG_6420 DSC_0079
IMG_6442 IMG_6441 IMG_6439
Mulberries...the darker the fruit, the sweeter. I have to include it here as it is the first time I saw a Mulberry tree.

5. The Experience

We had a great time. For Jonjie and I, staying at Lily of the Valley Organic Farm brought back memories of yesteryears…of going home to a farm, enjoying the quiet life and savoring farm-grown, home-cooked meal.

For Daniz, it’s spending time with Ma’am Elise grandson…playing, running, talking, laughing. She forgot about tv, wi-fi, and gadgets.

We left the place feeling refreshed and renewed.

And we are planning to go back…to experience the campsite.

Below are some of the common Areas Inside the House

The living room with the fireplace and fire woods waiting to be lit
The Living Room with the fireplace waiting to be lit
The balcony at LOV Farm for the guests to laze around
The Balcony beside the Dac-amen Room...our room.
The playroom cum library for the guests, especially the kids, to while away the time
Play room...small library...
The hallway leading the other guest rooms
The Hallway to the other rooms...stairs on the left.


  • As of posting, LOV Homestay has available 4 rooms for guests:
    • Kayman Room – good for 6 persons @ Php1,800, only room with Toiet and Bath
    • Anchong Room – good for 4 persons @ Php1400, 6 persons max
    • Dacamen Room – good for 6 persons @ Php1400, 8 persons max
    • Darwan Room – good for 2 @ Php1200, 4 persons max
  • How to get there:
    • By Car – please check the map location at https://goo.gl/maps/dYWNJqLjdGD2 or use Waze Apps
    • By Public Transport – no direct jeepney route to the area yet, but you may request Ma’am Elise to arrange a transport.

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