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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Wakeboarding at Deca Clark, Pampanga

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.
Deca Wakeboard Park is part of the Deca Clark Resort Residences located in Margot, Angeles City. Its close proximity to Clark Freeport Zone ensures access to other amenities that the area can offer such as parks, restaurants, hotels.
Deca Wakeboard Park is a man-made lake which is surrounded by a series of masts that hold an overhead cable. The overhead cable rotates in a counterclockwise motion around the lake. Along the cable there is a number of carriers. Riders are pulled around the lake by the ropes attached to these carriers.


I Am A Runner...

One of the things I want to do before I die is to run and finish a full marathon…a 42-kilometer run.

I am 48 years old, which means I have more or less 27.59 years to do it based on the estimated 2014 Philippines Life Expectancy At Birth for female.


“I AM A RUNNER because I run.
Not because I run fast. Not because I run far.
I AM A RUNNER because I say I am.
And no one can tell me I’m not."
John "The Penguin" Bingham
This afternoon, I ran again…and it felt good. It’s only a 5-kilometer run…on an easy pace…without stopping nor walking…and I am sweating profusely during and after the run.
I AM A RUNNER because even if I know I will be tired yet I still run. I love the feel of the wind on my face and on my skin and the sweat trickling my body.

Daily Log: The Power of 3 Little Words

The 3 Little Words are:

  • I'll Be There
  • I Miss You
  • I Respect You
  • Maybe You're Right
  • Please Forgive Me
  • I Thank You
  • Count On Me
  • Let Me Help
  • I Understand You
  • Go For It 

I am browsing through my old documents and I came across my compilations of old emails and this inspirational message immediately caught my attention.

It was from FriendsReflections…one of the yahoo groups I’ve been subscribing since 2000. While writing this daily log, I just realized that the messages stop coming but I never unsubscribe from the group. I tried to search the web and voila...I am still a member of the group but with bounce messages because my registered email was not active anymore.
Taken last September 10, 2014 at the grounds of Apung Mamacalulu Shrine, Angeles City, Pampanga
January 17, 2008
The Power of Three Little Words
Author Unknown

Some of the most significant messages people deliver to one another often come in just three words. When spoken or conveyed, those statements have the power to forge new friendships, deepen old ones and restore relationships that have cooled.

Daily Log: "Let Go, Enjoy the Ride" by Bob Perks

Here’s another inspiring thoughts that simply tells us to enjoy life to its fullest…including the 'ups' and 'downs', the 'twists' and 'turns' that comes along with it.

"Let go, enjoy the ride"
By Bob Perks

Don't try to rationalize everything in your life.  Life is sometimes irrational.  It certainly is unpredictable.

It's meant to be spontaneous if you don't try to conform it and reign it in.

Life is meant to surprise you.  That means you cannot be prepared for everything and thinking you can or should be sucks the life out of moments of pure joy.
Life is like a ride in an amusement park  The only difference is it changes everyday. What was a hill will be a valley. What was a straight, smooth journey will be filled with twists and turns.
It was meant to be that way.  It was meant to turn dull, repetitive hours into journeys of never ending splendor.

Let it go.  Raise your hands toward Heaven proving that this ride is hands free and God is in control. While they are up, offer praise and thanks to the One Who has given you all this.

Life will not tire you out because it is hard.  Life will exhaust you because you have lived it fully.

Then, at just the right time, it slows down and peacefully, gently brings you to a resting point just as darkness washes over the day.

Clear your mind.  Don't waste time worrying about what was, what might have been, or what will be.
Set it free.  Let it go.
Tomorrow will bring so much more if you let it. 

"I believe in you!"
"Live an inspired life!"

Relaxation: Mi Chay Foot and Body Massage

Yesterday night, I had a relaxing massage. And this morning when I woke up, I felt refresh and light…and stress-free.

Massage or “hilot” is one of the ways I pamper myself…at least once or twice a month. It relaxes not just my whole body but my mind as well, as I tend to sleep most of the time during the session.

Since 2011 until late last year I even have one “manghihilot” went to our house once in a while but it’s difficult to request for a schedule because I want to have the session after work. And she’s already a senior citizen and I worry about her going home at night.

So when a foot and body massage opened in Mabalacat…it was a most welcome relief. It was a walking distance from our house.

Mi Chay Foot and Body Massage opened last March 15, 2014. It is located at the newly built Clark Gateway Commercial Complex in San Francisco, Mabalacat, Pampanga, in between Clark Mabalacat Gate and Mabalacat Public Market. They are open from 1:00 pm ~ 1:00 am (last call is 12:00am), Monday to Sunday.


Daily Log: “Want to be Happy? Aim for Joy!" by Bob Perks

I have been following Bob Perks since 2001. He is an inspirational writer and speaker, an author, a life coach.

In more ways, he touched my life with his writings. I want...I aim to write like him...I want to inspire others the way he inspired me.

For today, I want to share this with you…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to be happy?  Aim for Joy!"
By Bob Perks

Happy seems to be a goal for most of us.  We want to be "Happy."

That doesn't sound like a lot to ask does it?

It has been said that happiness is a choice.  You can choose to be happy. 

I believe that to be true in this sense.  You can choose to be happy and then work toward that goal.  Happiness is a goal.

I don't begin to suggest that you choose to be happy, blink your eyes and there you are.

I do believe that by making "happiness a choice" you create the mindset to become that.

Daday’s Kitchen: Bolognese Spaghetti Di Daniz

Most children like their spaghetti Filipino style…sweet, like that of Jollibee. But not our daughter, Daniz…no, no, no. She likes it Italian style…tomato based with mince beef or pork…sour with just a hint of sweetness.

It’s not that she does not love Jollibee…she does, especially Chicken Joy. She grew up eating Italian style spaghetti. And so, just now, Jonjie and i decided to call this recipe…Bolognese Spaghetti Di Daniz.

When you tried to follow the recipe, you can tweak it, put your own brand…and you can even change the name.

Daily Log: Trust in the Lord

Each of us has our own cross to carry…our own trials and tribulations. Each of us at some point in our lives experienced deep pain or sadness…a loss of loved one…betrayal…unfaithfulness…humiliation.

In those times, we feel differently…we act differently. Some put up an invisible wall around themselves not feel it again. Others tried to keep it to themselves, afraid to be ridiculed. A few would resort to harm themselves or others. But for most, they chose to be with their family and be comforted…to heal…to recover…to move on.
Proverbs 3, 5~6a_edited
Taken last June 8, 2014 while finding our way to the Historical Church of our Lady of Namacpacan in Luna, La Union
I always believe that our own cross was given to us for a purpose.

To teach us a lesson…to hold on…to let go…to fight…to dream…to be steadfast. To challenge us to be the best that we can be. To discover our strength. To accept our weaknesses. To love unconditionally. To give freely. And most of all, to know ourselves.

Food Trip: Jonas Pares, Mayon St, Quezon City

I was introduced to Jonas and its famous “pares” in 1999 during our church wedding preparation. That was the first time I ate “pares” and since then, we always eat at Jonas every time there is an opportunity.

Even Daniz grew up eating “pares”…she like it very much. Daday already made his own pares recipe which is almost the same with Jonas, and in time I will post it here.
"PARES is a pairing of rice and beef coined by the owner to speed up the service for the value meal of fried rice, beef stew and soup, and the name caught and since then JONAS has been called the 'original pares' place."


Daily Log: Life Is Precious

Job 12 10
The Risen Christ at the Monasterio de Tarlac,
A 30-foot statue located at Tarlac Eco-Tourism Park, Brgy Lubigan, San Jose, Tarlac.

Taken last January 05, 2014.

Everyday is a gift. An opportunity to live life for one more day. A chance for a new beginning.

And this morning, I was reminded how precious life is. And the chance that was given to all of us, young and old, to live our life to its fullest. To enjoy each moment with our loved ones.

This morning I saw a picture of a 2-year old girl, fighting for her life…so little, so fragile,so innocent.

And I wanted to cry.

For the bruises and stitches on her face…the injury on her head…the unimaginable pain on her frail body.

For the mother who was at work, trying to earn a living, for her little girl.

Then I thought of the lady who just wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The relatives taking care of the little girl.

All their lives suddenly changed because of an accident. Each of them will suffer their own pain…and will carry their own burden because of what happened. Each of them will be scarred for life…

I wanted to ask “why the little girl?”. Instead I pause, close my eyes and open the Daily Word for Healing for some guidance, and these are the words I received…

In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being.
Job 12:10

Life is precious…it was God’s gift to us. Live it. Love it. Treat it well. Be responsible…not just for your own but for others’ as well.

Dearest Inay…I Remember You

Inay…it was 2 months and 2 days ago when we lost you…when our Lord and Creator called upon you to join Him. We cried…we mourned our loss…and we are trying to live our lives.
Taken last April 28, 2013, at Clearwater Resort and Country Club, Clark, Pampanga
But there are times when I feel the pain as if it was just yesterday…when I misses you. And these past days were one of the hardest. And tonight while resting in the hammock at Daniz Garden, I remember you…


Daily Log: In Silence With God…

For two days now, I’ve been staring on a blank electronic paper…trying to start...writing some words, but nothing makes sense.

And then, holding the “Daily Word for Healing", I closed my eyes and prayed for guidance. I opened the book in random, and today's message was,
In silence with God, I am refreshed and renewed.
Matthew 28 20
Adoration Chapel of the Holy Rosary Parish Church, Angeles City, Pampanga.
Taken last 07.28.2014.


Daily Log: God Is In Charge

Genesis 28 15
Taken August 21, 2014. The altar of the small chapel at St. Pio Church, Eastwood, Quezon City

In spite of what is happening around me or to me, I affirm that all is in divine order and that order will prevail because God is in charge.

God is the master creator of everything and everyone --- every person and animal, every star and planet in the universe. And God is in charge of all.

When events in my life seem to be taking me in a direction that I do not want to go or I am feeling as if I am not as healthy or peace-filled as I would like to be, I remember God’s promise, “Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go” (Genesis 28:15).

God is with me now and forever. I may not understand why I am experiencing a particular challenge; however, I do know that God has a greater plan that brings order to my life. Through every moment of my life, God is in charge. The assurance of God’s presence and care brings me peace of mind.

Daily Word for Healing
Colleen Zuck, Janie Wright, Elaine Meyer

Daily Log: Listen, Beloved

Jeremiah 31 13
"The Lotus Flowers"
Taken during Salen's Clan trip to Tabas, Paracale, Camarines Norte. My sister Pau requested  the caretaker of the Watermelon Plantation where the pond is located for a bunch, because these are Inay's favorite.
Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant.

The flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond.

Because of this the lotus flower has come to be associated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism respectively; the ancient Egyptians scholars observed that in the night-time the lotus closed its flowers and sank into the water, and came up with a different association with the flower related to rebirth and the Sun; in actual fact the Lotus slowly emerges from a pond over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon.
"For Inay"
I missed you, dearest Inay!
I remember your love, your brilliant smile
My heart is longing to hear your sweet voice
Calling my name again...

Our Love Story: Ang Aming Muling Pagtanggap ng Basbas ng Kasal

Ngayong araw ang pagdiriwang ng kaarawan ni Mama Mary. Ngayong araw din ang ikalabinlimang anibersaryo ng aming kasal ni Jonjie…kasalang sibil, hindi sa simbahan. At ngayong araw nangyari ang muli naming pagtanggap ng basbas ng kasal...ibig sabihin, mula sa araw na ito, ang aming kasal sa sibil ay may basbas na rin ng simbahan.
At sa loob ng labinlimang taon, apat na beses na kaming ikinasal at binasbasan.
  1. 09.08.1999 - The Civil Wedding at Imus Regional Trial Court
  2. 12.27.1999 - The Church Wedding at the Presentation of the Child Jesus Christ Parish, BF Homes Paranaque
  3. 12.29.2004 - The Renewal of Wedding Vows on our 5th Wedding Anniversary at Our Lady of the Pillar Parish, Pilar Village Las Pinas
  4. 09.08.2014 - The Blessing of Marriage on our 15th Wedding Anniversary at St. Raphael Parish, Mabalacat City Pampanga

Daily Log: Moment of Solitude

A time to be alone
To reflect about life
To enrich the soul
To give thanks for all the blessings
Or to ask forgiveness for all the shortcomings
We bought the hammock during one of return trips from Bicol...no specific place to hang...it was just left untouched. Last Friday, this was what greeted me after I came home from work.

I’d been longing for a place…to be alone…to be silent…
to think…or to just do nothing
But I do not need to look far because I have such a place
just right outside our house
Lovingly thought of and provided by the one who really
understand my deepest needs
For solitude…for a moment of silence…
a place to rest my soul for just a  little while

Thank you Daday!

Our Love Story: 15 Years and Counting

As a newbie in the company
You became my instant enemy
You’re so arrogant, noisy and loud
So full of yourself and so proud
All along, that’s what I thought

And then one day out of the blue
We talked, shared our thoughts
And in just a short span of time
I see a different side of you
Contemplative, thoughtful, true

For one whole week afterwards
Getting to know each other, we did
We spent much time, talking, sharing
Enjoying, laughing and even crying
Together…discovering, exploring

Our Love Story: The Civil Wedding


It was never our plan to have a civil wedding.

As early as August 15, even before we formally informed The Sabenianos of our plan, we already started preparing for December church wedding. And to save money for my room rental in Cavite and other daily expenses, we decided that I moved in with Jonjie to his parents’ house in Las Pinas.

But with that decision, we realized we are not setting a good moral values to the three young minds, Jonjie’s nephews and niece, with whom we have daily interactions.


Our Love Story: Meeting The Parents, The Sabenianos

Jonjie never asked me formally if I want to marry him. But after our “Isang Linggong Pag-Ibig” we’ve talked about marriage and started preparing for it.

Then last August 27, 1999, we traveled to Bicol to inform my parents about our plan. From work, we went directly to Philtranco terminal in Pasay. We rode the bus going to Paracale, a province of Camarines Norte…it was an 8-hour trip. We arrived at around three in the morning and slept for a few hours.

When we woke up, we did the customary “mano po”  and I formally introduced Jonjie to Itay and Inay. “Si Jonjie po…Emmanuel Espiritu, kasama ko po sa trabaho, taga Las Pinas. Boyfriend ko po."

Daily Log: Healthy Communication

I have read it this morning and tried to connect it with myself. Why this Lord? What do you want to tell me? Then, I became busy and forgot about it…

Our Love Story: Isang Linggong Pag-Ibig Version 1999

Nagsimula ang lahat noong Ika-2 ng Hulyo, 1999…ikalawang araw ko sa kompanyang pinagtatrabahuhan ni Jonjie sa Cavite. Pagpapakilala pa lang sa akin, malakas na ang dating nya…antipatiko. Dumating ang tanghalian, nakita ko sya sa kantina kausap ang ibang engineers, nakatayo at nakataas ang isang paa sa upuan habang kumakain at nagsasalita…ang ingay, balasubas. Dakong hapon nakasalubong ko sya nakabukas ang unipormeng “shirt jock” at kung maglakad parang sya ang boss…ang yabang. Iyan ang mga unang impresyon ko sa kanya…tandang-tanda ko pa, parang kaylan lang.

Ganun tumakbo ang pakikitungo ko sa kanya. May isang pagkakataon pa na sinabihan ko sya, “hindi ka pa nanliligaw, basted ka na”. At ang sagot nya, “bakit, sinong maysabi sa ‘yong liligawan kita”. Grrrrrr…lagi na lang sya ay may huling salita….hmmmmp. Hanggang isang araw, wala noon ang manager ko, nagkakwentuhan kami tungkol sa buhay-buhay, likes and dislikes, mountain climbing…sabi ko sa sarili ko “hmmmn, malalim din pala sya…maingay nga lang talaga at malakas ang boses”.

Daily Log: Don’t Worry About Anything…

Philippians 4, 6-7b
This picture was taken at Fort Santiago way back January 18, 2004...just waiting for the right verses.
This morning while I was taking a bath, my mind is full of worries…thinking about our life, my work…our future and what awaits us. Also, I was thinking what to write for the “Daily Log” section of this blog that I just started yesterday…and I uttered a silent prayer for Him to help me find the right words. I know…I know…I worry too much…that’s what Jonjie always tells me.

The moment I went out of the bathroom, Jonjie said that the verses of Philippians 4:6-7 is beautiful and he read it aloud…and it really is. It touched me to the core of my being because it is the Lord’s immediate answer to my prayer…an affirmation that He is always there and all I have to do is pray and leave everything to Him. 

There will be moments that I will worry, but I know that my LORD is bigger than my worries…then my heart and mind will be at peace…and so is my husband.

Unexplored Labnig Beach of Paracale, Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte became popular to tourists, locals and foreigners alike, because of Calaguas Island with its powdery sand that offers peace and serenity to visitors. But unknown to many, including myself, there is another unexplored paradise nearby...a hidden cove called Labnig Beach. From Paracale, it can be reached using a motorized boat in about 5 minutes
Labnig is one of the barangays which are in the outlying area of Municipality of Paracale. Paracale with a population of about 46,856 and its 27 barangays belong to the partly urban areas in the Philippines. While some of the barangays developed modern urban structures, some others, especially those which are seated in the outlying areas, remained rural.

Eco-Friendly Dining Table

Jonjie has just finished one of his personal project…a dining table made from old recycled wood. This is a gift in celebration of our 15th Wedding Anniversary this coming September 8, 2014.

He started it end of February but because of back problem...he suffered from slip disc and has to underwent a physical therapy session...he was not able to finish it.

Then a week before our anniversary, he started it again, but with the help of a carpenter and his helper. And it was finally completed.


11 Places to Visit in Baguio in 1½ Days

We went on a Road Trip to Baguio one weekend last January of this year..unplanned...to celebrate Ate Bev's birthday. And below are the places that we visited and the things that we did.

This was our first stop after hotel check-in. And as expected, Daniz could not wait a moment longer to climb the stairs. I just have to be firm so she could stay still for some photo op. But after that…off she go…without so much effort, as if she’s just walking on a plain ground. For Jonjie and I, a few rests in between…holding our knees to catch our breath or onto the side railing for some support. Whether we like it or not, age is catching up on us.

Hello September!

Hello September
Taken at 7:33 this morning along the stretch of Gil Puyat Ave inside Clark Freeport Zone
September first 
Bring joyous cheers
And a warm welcome from everyone
As it officially starts the “ber” months
September, October, November
And the most awaited month of the year

Looking at the clear morning sky
With a silent prayer in my heart
Not only for today 
But for the rest of the year
That the days ahead 
May bring more gladness
Not just for me but for those
Who needed it the most

Today is the first day of the month
The first day of the week
With a straight road ahead
And a clear blue sky above
Hoping and praying, it is a sign
That we are off to a good start

September...please be good to us!