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Daily Log: "Let Go, Enjoy the Ride" by Bob Perks

Here’s another inspiring thoughts that simply tells us to enjoy life to its fullest…including the 'ups' and 'downs', the 'twists' and 'turns' that comes along with it.

"Let go, enjoy the ride"
By Bob Perks

Don't try to rationalize everything in your life.  Life is sometimes irrational.  It certainly is unpredictable.

It's meant to be spontaneous if you don't try to conform it and reign it in.

Life is meant to surprise you.  That means you cannot be prepared for everything and thinking you can or should be sucks the life out of moments of pure joy.
Life is like a ride in an amusement park  The only difference is it changes everyday. What was a hill will be a valley. What was a straight, smooth journey will be filled with twists and turns.
It was meant to be that way.  It was meant to turn dull, repetitive hours into journeys of never ending splendor.

Let it go.  Raise your hands toward Heaven proving that this ride is hands free and God is in control. While they are up, offer praise and thanks to the One Who has given you all this.

Life will not tire you out because it is hard.  Life will exhaust you because you have lived it fully.

Then, at just the right time, it slows down and peacefully, gently brings you to a resting point just as darkness washes over the day.

Clear your mind.  Don't waste time worrying about what was, what might have been, or what will be.
Set it free.  Let it go.
Tomorrow will bring so much more if you let it. 

"I believe in you!"
"Live an inspired life!"