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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Our Love Story: 15 Years and Counting

As a newbie in the company
You became my instant enemy
You’re so arrogant, noisy and loud
So full of yourself and so proud
All along, that’s what I thought

And then one day out of the blue
We talked, shared our thoughts
And in just a short span of time
I see a different side of you
Contemplative, thoughtful, true

For one whole week afterwards
Getting to know each other, we did
We spent much time, talking, sharing
Enjoying, laughing and even crying
Together…discovering, exploring

I knew and I saw the sign clearly
I still doubted if we’re meant to be
‘Coz of our differences, you and me
Your way of life and my insecurities
But then again…so what

And even before the week ends
There’s no denying even to myself
That you really are meant for me
Mama Mary’s answer to my prayers
And so, I let it be…


We built our house, made it a home
Struggled to make a life of our own
We made mistakes along the way
But we braved everything together
To have our “happy ever after”


On our seventh year of togetherness
God had granted our fervent prayers
A precious gift was sent from above
An adorable little angel we love so much
Ever since, a complete family we become

We named her Shemaella Daniz
Precious and beloved child of our hearts
Our source of pride,  joy and happiness
And we will be grateful, for always
To the One above, for His loving grace

One week into getting to know stage
One month of being in a relationship
With God’s infinite love and grace
And Mama Mary’s eternal blessing
We are in our 15 years and counting!

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