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Daily Log: In Silence With God…

For two days now, I’ve been staring on a blank electronic paper…trying to start...writing some words, but nothing makes sense.

And then, holding the “Daily Word for Healing", I closed my eyes and prayed for guidance. I opened the book in random, and today's message was,
In silence with God, I am refreshed and renewed.
Matthew 28 20
Adoration Chapel of the Holy Rosary Parish Church, Angeles City, Pampanga.
Taken last 07.28.2014.

A vacation can be a time of both physical rest and mental renewal. It is a chance to get away from the everyday routine and visit with friends and family.
Even when I cannot take time off from my job or responsibilities, however, I can still turn within to the quiet of my soul. Relaxing in silence, I can take a mini-vacation at any time.
By stilling my thoughts and turning to the spirit of God within, I find relief from the busyness of the day and travel to a place of peace.
The presence of God awaits within my soul. Here I experience God’s presence without interference form anything or anyone. I relax and unwind.
After spending, just a few moments with God, I am refreshed. I come away rested and ready to enjoy the gift that each moment is.
I am with you always

Matthew 28:20
I long for the time of days gone by when all I have to do is close my eyes and I will feel God’s presence…anywhere I am at the moment, even in a jeepney traveling the busy streets of Manila. That was early 1990s until early 2000, when everything I prayed for was granted, especially if it concerns my family.

I missed my connection with God. I missed feeling His loving presence envelope me even during my short conversation with Him. I remember finding refuge and solace in the confine of the Adoration Chapel especially if life’s trials started to weaken my mind and my spirit.

Nowadays, I cherish the moment every time I was able to connect with Him and feel His presence. It is not as often as I wanted it to and not as easy as those days of long ago.

I knew that the problem on “connection”, “no signal” or “dropped call” is not because of Him as a “receiver” but it lies within me as a “caller”.

But, I will not stop. I will persevere to regain the clear connection with Him…because I know what it feels like to have one-on-one communication with Him. I know what it feels to be in His loving embrace….the joy and peace it brings to my soul.

And I know that He will always be there…whenever I am ready.