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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

11 Places to Visit in Baguio in 1½ Days

We went on a Road Trip to Baguio one weekend last January of this year..unplanned...to celebrate Ate Bev's birthday. And below are the places that we visited and the things that we did.

This was our first stop after hotel check-in. And as expected, Daniz could not wait a moment longer to climb the stairs. I just have to be firm so she could stay still for some photo op. But after that…off she go…without so much effort, as if she’s just walking on a plain ground. For Jonjie and I, a few rests in between…holding our knees to catch our breath or onto the side railing for some support. Whether we like it or not, age is catching up on us.
2. Ride the Boat and Stroll at Burnham Park
The water of the man-made lagoon is still murky. There are more boats in different colors, sizes and styles…some are foot-pedaled but still, the majority are traditional ones using paddles. We chose the foot –pedaled with Ate Bev and I in-charge of pedaling while Jonjie is the photographer and Daniz…the talker…what else is new, huh. After the boat ride, we stroll at the park...Daniz and Ate enjoyed the fountain and the rose garden.
3. Buy Vegetables, Woven Items, Flowers, Brooms, Etc. at Baguio Public Market
Jonjie and I woke early to go to Baguio Public Market. It was so cold and when I checked the temperature, it registered 12 degrees centigrade. And according to the hotel staff, earlier, it’s nine degrees.
The cold morning did not stop us from leaving the hotel…I enjoyed going to Baguio Public Market. We bought lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, big ripe tomatoes. The store owner convinced us to try Strawberry Salad Dressing, which according to her is the project of the Baguio government to augment the Strawberry business. She said it’s delicious and we will like it for sure. As expected, Jonjie replied, “talaga, balik bayad pag di masarap” (really, return payment if not delicious)”. Which the owner readily agreed…

From the vegetable stalls, we bought “walis tambo” for the house and for Mommy Lydia. Then, we proceeded to the woven section and bought foot rags, bag for Ate Bev, and some small items for Daniz. We also bought roses for Ate Bev and of course, for Daniz…and Malaysian Mums for the house.

4. Attend Mass at Baguio Cathedral
The night before, we’ve already asked about the schedule of Sunday mass in Baguio Cathedral. They said that it starts from 6:00am and every hour onwards. We plan to attend the 8:00am mass but it’s too early for Daniz who like to snuggle in bed especially on weekends…and chilly morning. And it’s not just chilly that morning…it’s so cold. After breakfast, we leave for the church. We were able to get a good parking space, near the church side entrance and we were just on time for the 11:00 am mass.
And while we were leaving the church, the next mass is already starting. Daniz was able to get the blessing from the officiating priest, while Jonjie and I took some pictures.

5. Visit the Gardens and Buy Pasalubong at Good Shepherd Mountain Maid Training Center
The grounds of the Good Shepherd Convent had improved a lot since our last visit. The gardens are well-kept and most of the areas are ideal for taking pictures.
DSC_0763           DSC_0767 DSC_0765  DSC_0770
But I was more surprised when we fall in line to buy their famous Peanut Brittle and the oh-so-delicious Ube Jam. One, there are at least 6 counters to accommodate the long queue. And there’s more…they are already accepting major credit cards.
We tried the Kalinga Musang Civet Coffee @ Php100/cup with Blueberry Cup Cake at the small Coffee Coffee in the area
6. Breathe the Air and Take Pictures at Mines View Park
Gone are the children that braved the sharp hill of Mines View for a few coins…and the tall pine trees that greeted the visitors. But gone also the throng of vendors that lined the streets fronting the park…giving the visitors an uncluttered view of the path to the look-out point. The sight of the green, rolling hills are still refreshing even with the splatter of colors from the houses sprawling on it.
For a small amount, be photgraphed with a giant friendly St. Bernard dog. Look at the smile of Daniz, The Dog Lover who wanted to adopt every stray dogs
7. Window Shop at the Cordillera World
We cannot help but enter the Cordillera World because of its inviting displays and welcoming staircase. Inside is like a mini-museum of everything about Cordillera and its rich heritage…and all items are for sale. We did not bought anything but we enjoyed browsing through every items. And we took many pictures.
Cordillera World, which is located near the ever-popular Mines View Park, is the pet project of Mr. Roland Cayat. Through the help of some local investors, and the support of the members of the Mines View Barangay Council, Roland was able to launch this travel destination in March 2011.The vision for Cordillera World is not only to showcase the rich heritage of the original settlers of the mountainous region of  northern Luzon. It is also an excellent vehicle to support a special program – that is to help out-of-school youths to go back to school or to finance and support their young families.This is the very reason why the place is being supported by voluntary contributions from generous visitors.
DSC_0778 DSC_0808DSC_0781
No, no, no...I cannot leave this place without this picture with the Sunflower...even if it is not fresh
8. Ride Horse, Dress like an Igorot and Stroll at the Wright Park
Another thing that we cannot forego while in Baguio is Daniz riding a horse. And not just a horse, it needs to be a white horse. And thirty minutes is so short…it should be one hour. And the horse led by a “Kuya” just walking on the inner lane is not fun…the horse with her and “Kuya” galloping on the outer lane, that’s real fun. When the horse is running fast, you could hear her laugh and then urging the horse to run fast. During this visit, she asked “Kuya” to teach her how to do it. Tsk, tsk, tsk…she will say, and then the horse ran.
DSC_0854 DSC_0862
From the horse riding area, we climb the steps to the park. And on top were arrays of Igorot costumes complete with baskets and necklaces. Beside it was a sign…costume for rent. And Daniz, as adventurous as she is, pleaded us to let her wear the costume with Ate Bev. Jonjie and I took turns in capturing the moments.
DSC_0866 DSC_0875 DSC_0892 DSC_0897
Daniz with the stage mother and with Froggy, our green car just below the stairs
After several minutes or so, we proceeded to the route to The Mansion…taking pictures along the way.
DSC_09349. Enjoy the view of The Mansion
Daniz asked, “Why only here…why can’t we go inside the big house”. And as usual, the ever-patient Jonjie explained that “it is the house of the President of the Philippines in Baguio, and only his family, his guests and his staff are allowed to enter the big house”. And Daniz quipped, “ayyyy….saaaaad” simultaneously making a sad face.
The JADSpirits Family at The Mansion...

10. Lunch at the famous 50’s Diners
Every time we went to Baguio, we have to eat at the 50’s Diner…the experience is not complete without it...even though we have to wait in line for a table to be available. Through the years, only a few changes had been done to the place. The servings are still big and the tastes are still delicious…though there are some new additions to the menu.
DSC_0993 DSC_0994
We ordered:
           IMG_6328IMG_6327 IMG_6329
11. Buy Fresh Strawberries at La Trinidad
Daniz loooove strawberries and seeing the fields with big red strawberries was such a treat to her. She’s beaming with joy while searching for the biggest one. Bur since we went there after lunch, most of the ripe fruits were already picked for selling or handpicked by visitors who paid an extra amount of Php100 or more on top of the regular price per kilo.
We also tried the strawberry taho being sold near the parking lot…it was a fitting twist to the well-loved taho.