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Wakeboarding at Deca Clark, Pampanga

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.
Deca Wakeboard Park is part of the Deca Clark Resort Residences located in Margot, Angeles City. Its close proximity to Clark Freeport Zone ensures access to other amenities that the area can offer such as parks, restaurants, hotels.
Deca Wakeboard Park is a man-made lake which is surrounded by a series of masts that hold an overhead cable. The overhead cable rotates in a counterclockwise motion around the lake. Along the cable there is a number of carriers. Riders are pulled around the lake by the ropes attached to these carriers.

Today, Daniz has a chance to wakeboard. It's her "day-off from school" as she fondly called school holiday...her school is celebrating Parish Priests' Day.

Father and daughter took advantage of the opportunity to maximize the use of the wakeboard park, since not all schools will be on holiday...which means Daniz and a few others will have the wake park to themselves.

It's her third time today. The first was last April 30. The second was last July 29, during the celebration of Eid’l Fitr (End of Ramadan). All these 3 sessions were courtesy of a very good friend of the family...
Kuya Coach is refreshing Daniz with the basics of wakeboarding:
  • Toes up.
  • Crouch. Bend your knees and remember to maintain an upright body position.
  • Hold the handle knuckles up.  
  • Use both hands, arms straight. Right hand to control, Do not pull too hard, just enough to counter the force of the cable.
  • Put weight on the back leg.
  • Most important so as not to fall; SMILE
A good start...
Flat on the face...because she stood up. she forgot the crouch position.
Waiting for the tow line and for Kuya Coach to remind her again the right thing to do.
Off she goes in proper form....toes up, crouched, arms straight.
Not pulling too hard, just enough to counter the force of the cable.
Weight on the back leg...
This is the first time that she tried knee boarding...and she like it better than wakeboarding. Please click here for the video.

IMG_20140929_144049_vibrant IMG_20140929_144053_vibrant IMG_20140929_144059_vibrant
This water park is for more experience riders with obstacles, sliders and kickers for making tricks.

An overhead cable system run by electric motors.
The long queue of riders during weekends and holidays...

How to get here:

For more information, please visit http://www.clarkwakeboard.com/

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