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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

81 Things About Me…

81 Things About Me...
1)    I was born July 20, 1966.
2)    A farmer’s daughter.
3)    I was the eldest among 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls.
4)    I was a Lola’s girl.
5)    I graduated Salutatorian in elementary school.
6)    In high school, I was a Coconut Federation (CocoFed) Scholar and finished Valedictorian.
7)    I studied B.S. Industrial Engineering at Adamson University, Manila for 3 years.
8)    But, decided to stop for 1 year because of financial problems.
9)    My mother told me, “there are many things that could happen in 1 year”.
10)  So I did not stop, but decided to accept the Foster Parent Plan International (FPPI) scholarship.
11)  On a condition I should transfer to one of the university in Bicol.
12)  I chose University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City.
13)  And shifted to B.S. Mechanical Engineering without informing my parents.
14)  I finished the course but was not able to join the graduation.
15)  Because I lacked a 3-unit subject…I cannot remember what.
16)  I tried everything, even seeking special approval from the University President, but to no avail.
17)  One of my most disappointing and frustrating moments.
18)  Not for myself, but for my parents who would have been very proud to march beside me.
19)  I took the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam twice, not because I failed the first time.
20)  But because the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) Building was burnt few months prior the result.
21)  My father knew I finished B.S. in Mechanical Engineering when he saw my name in the newspaper.
22)  I passed the board exam and became a licensed Mechanical Engineer.

23)  He was soooooooo proud of me…one of my shining moments.
24)  My first job was in wires and cables manufacturing company in Pasig as wire extrusion scheduler.
25)  The President saw my potentials (?) and assigned me to handle a group of people.
26)  On my 2nd year, I was sent to Fukuoka, Japan for a 1-year training.
27)  My very first travel abroad, alone and nervous and excited.
28)  I had a blast in Japan…I was earning more…living in a beautiful apartment…enjoying a good life.
29)  I ate Ramen and Sashimi…was introduced to Bento Box…experienced fine dining…I fall in love with Japanese foods including wasabi.
30)  I had my very first camera I bought on sale, Canon EOS100.
31)  I tasted my very first birthday cake…on my 25th birthday.
32)  I visited beautiful places I never thought I could reach.
33)  After a year, I went home and went back to work and was assigned a different job.
34)  Then an opportunity to work in Taiwan knocked and I grabbed it.
35)  But I only finished the 1-year contract and went home.
36)  I worked in a bag manufacturing company in Cavite, later transferred to Laguna
81 things_Casio
Manufacturing Group of Casio Philippines, Inc. Taken from FB of Casio posted by Ms. Yie Faderagao.
37)  Then, I was accepted in a Japanese company, in Cavite, manufacturing pagers where I started to climb the corporate ladder.
38)  I was able to go back to Japan twice, for short training stints and ate authentic Japanese foods again…though not as grand as my first experience.
39)  The company closed because of the emergence of cellular phones.
40)  I found a job in a Malaysian wires and cables manufacturing company in the nearby area as Document Control Officer and later an additional job as Pollution Control Officer.
41)  There I met my soon-to-be-husband (but I did not know it then).
December 27, 1999 at the Presentation of the Child Jesus Christ Parish, BF Homes Paranaque
42)  We got married…I became a wife.
43)  For the meantime, we live in Las Pinas…in my in-laws house and one of their hobbies was to cook good food and eat.
44)  In just a month, my 44kgs weight became 48kgs and my waist ballooned from 25 to 28 inches.
45)  None of my clothes fits me so I borrowed Jonjies slacks and polos and slowly build a new wardrobe.
46)  I resigned from the company because we want to have a baby.
47)  But after 3 months of doing nothing, a job offer came through a former colleague, and the hiatus stopped.
48)  I worked in a Japanese company, in Cavite, that manufactured headphones, earphones, speakers, driver units and even telephones.
49)  There, began my career’s journey to different path…from operation side of the business to human resources development and more.
50)  During that time, Jonjie and I decided to make our home in Cavite.
51)  After 3 years, the company was closed and transferred to Pampanga.
52)  I was not part of the Pampanga core group, but after a month, they contacted me and offered me my previous position,
53)  But if not for Jonjie already working in Luisita, Tarlac, I would not have made the big leap.
54)  Then our lives would have been different…but it’s not.
55)  We rented a house.
56)  For three years…Jonjie and I commuted to and from Cavite and Pampanga every weekend, with our ever reliable car.
57)  In 2005, our daughter Shemaella Daniz arrived.
October 14, 2006. Daniz 1st Biryhday at Shakey's SM Southmall
58)  After praying and waiting for 7 years, I became a mother.
59)  We relocated to Pampanga but tried to visit Jonjie’s parents in Las Pinas every weekend, occasionally visiting our Cavite home.
60)  Below are other random things about me.
61)  Four years ago, I joined my very first fun run…a 5K-run inside Clark for the benefit of the Katutubo.
November 07, 2010. My first ever Milo Marathon Run at Tarlac City
62)  And I became a runner…and love the feel of wind on my face and sweat on my skin.
63)  I already ran half marathon twice…but injured my right knee on the last run.
64)  Part of my “things to do” (ttd) list, is to run a full marathon (42 kilometers run).
65)  I was afraid of height…even after I conquered the longest dual zipline in Cagayan De Oro.
66)  I was once afraid of needle but overcame it because of Daniz…I need to be strong for her.
67)  I love our life in Pampanga, still provincial living but with urban amenities.
68)  My favorite color is green.
69)  Sunflower is my all-time favorite…it never fails to make me smile.
70)  I super like my short hair…and planning to color it blond? or platinum?
   IMG_0959  IMG_0960
71)  I cannot cook (or does not want to cook)…but I looooooove to eat.
72)  My first travel with Jonjie is on our 1st church wedding anniversary.
73)  To Baguio, without itineraries, no hotel booking…nothing…it was an adventure.
74)  Maybe, that sets the tone of our travels…that every road trip is an adventure…unplanned.
75)  Calling a hotel for reservation, while on the road, is a normal thing for me…huh…
76)  I once joined a 40 kilometer bike run.
77)  I love weekend mornings…snoozing, just being lazy.
April 27, 2013. University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga & Olongapo Commencement Exercise 2013 at Grand Palazzo Royale, Fil-Am Friendship Hwy, Angeles, Pampanga
78)  I graduated Master in Management from UP Diliman Clark Campus.
79)  That’s 2 checks in my ttd list: 1] to take up masteral course; 2] to study at UP.
80)  I began to write, with this blog…another check in my ttd list.
81)  I love my family…I love my life!