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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

One Fine Morning with Daniz

Monday to Friday during school days, our morning starts at 5:10 am. And most mornings, we are “ngarag” or stressed as Jonjie and I, but mostly Jonjie, alternately reminding Daniz to do this or that or not to do this or that.
Her morning routines from 5:10 ~ 6:40am, a total of one hour and thirty minutes, consists of:
1.     Wake up (to several calls with gentle nudge from Jonjie)
2.     5 minutes extension to stay in bed
3.     Another 5 minutes more
4.     Use the toilet (several minutes with eyes close)
5.     Take a bath
6.     Put powder and lotion (sometimes not, kasi matagal daw)
7.     Put on white short and sando
8.     Wear socks and shoes
9.     Comb hair (need to always remind her)
10.   Eat breakfast (could be fast, depends if she like the food or not)
11.   Brush teeth (in between talking and walking to and from the sink)
12.   Put on school uniform
13.   Check self in the mirror
14.   Or let me arrange her hair (which could lead to another stress moment)
15.   Wear ID
16.   Get in the car
She should leave the house by 6:40am to be in school by 7:00am, but not earlier. If so, then she could have some time to play before class, then her energy will be upped, then she could not focus in class.
But this day is different. She breezed through the morning routines with minimal words and unnecessary movements. If only all mornings can be like this…hmmm. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking, is there?
This fine morning happened yesterday and the pictures were taken at 6:32am. Usually, she’s hurrying to get in the car at exactly 6:40am because Jonjie’s rule is “at the exact time, the car will leave the house whether you are inside or not”.