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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Daniz, The Dog Lover

Before Daniz, we have a dog named Vinx, half German Shepherd, half Rottweiler . He was born December 10, 2001 but we took him home after three months. Initially, he was Jonjie’s dog. But when I got sick sometime in 2003, Jonjie told him to take care of me and to never leave my side while he’s at work. That day, he did exactly what Jonjie told him…he never left my side. if I needed to use the CR, he will be at the door waiting. He only ate his food and relieved himself when Jonjie arrived home. And since that day also, Vinx became my dog.  

For five years while waiting for the Lord to bless us with a child, Vinx was there to fill the void.
100_0001 100_0370
These pictures were taken two years apart. June 21, 2002 with Jonjie when Vinx was still his dog and May 1, 2004 with me, when he became mine, always ready to protect me

Then there was Daniz. We would like to think that Vinx loved her first and Daniz slowly blossomed as she became accustomed to Vinx presence. And then Daniz started to love her back when she was seven months old. From then on, they are inseparable. Let the photos below speak for itself…
04.23.06_Trying to play with Vinx and being pa-cute with the camera at the same time 100_0781 The above pictures were taken April 16 & 23, 2006_Their getting to know stage...

The above pictures were taken April 13, 2008_Daniz was 2 1/5 years old and Vinx was 7 years old.
October 15, 2009_They are the sweetest :)
May 24, 2010
January 05, 2011_While Daniz was waiting for the school service
Then in 2009, Jonjie’s brother, Kuya Hernan, informed us that an eight-month old Rottweiler is available for sale…with one problem, his two hind legs were deformed due to an after birth accident. He was born April 10, 2009, his name is Jackson…or Jackie. The moment Jonjie brought his home, Daniz who was four years old then, took him as her own. Though she love Vinx but she would always say that Vinx is Mamay’s dog.
December 31, 2009_Jackie had been with us for a month or less
January 13, 2010_While Daniz was watching TV
June 11, 2010_Both are "makulit" but adorable
December 10, 2010_One of their "kulitan" moments
December 12, 2010_Jackie never made an attempt to remove that headband
February 27, 2011_One of their "lambingan" moment
Then in 2011, Pickles (a female fawn colored pug) and her partner Mas (a black pug) had three live pups…their very first litter. They are owned by Mommy Lydia, my mother-in-law. The three pups were distributed to the three Espiritu Brothers. We picked the fawn colored male and we named him Peen, short for pinakapangit…and once again, Daniz took him as her dog. He was born August 17, 2011.

Background story for the name: The Espiritus, except for Mommy Lydia, cannot see the beauty in pugs…so Pickles was nicknamed “pangit”…Mas for “mas pangit”…the black male pup became Hammer for hammered face…and the other, a black female was named Laura for “lalong pangit”.

November 6, 2011_A few days after Peen became an official family member
December 6, 2011_Daniz was imitating Peen and this was just one of those poses
December 9, 2011_Daniz put Peen side by side with some of her babies
December 21, 2011_Computer session with Jonjie
Below are some of the pictures of the dogs together...
February 4, 2010_With my brother Ombs, Vinx was 8 years old and Jackson was 9 months old
January 2, 2012_Vinx was 10 years old; Jackson, almost 2 years old, Peen 4 months old
Daniz with some of the dogs in Las Pinas…
August 11, 2013_With Ate Bing's (my sister-in-law) dog, a mixed breed of Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu
August 11, 2013
November 17, 2013_With Laura, the black pug, Peen's sister
August 9, 2014_With Mey Pi, the new pup (mixed Pug and Lhasa Apso / Shih Tzu
The above picture with Mey Pi was the inspiration for this post. Daniz omce again demonstrated her love for anything "dogs". She's convincing her Lola Lyd to let her take Mey Pi home :).


  • Daniz wanted to bring home all the stray dogs...worried much that I will arrive home one day with a house full of dogs.
  • Our Vinx died last September 25, 2013 at the age of 12...we missed him so much.
  • According to http://pedigree.com/all-things-dog/dog-age-calculator/default.aspx, that calculates dog age in human years, 
    • 12 year old Vinx was 89 years old and is considered a senior dog
    • At 5 years old, Jackson is now 40 years old and is considered an adult dog.
    • And Peen, at 3 years old, is 28 years old and is considered an adult dog.
  • All our three dogs love "taho"...they ate it directly from the plastic cups.
  • Vinx loved fruits except Papaya...his favorite were apple, banana, strawberry and mango.