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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Cafe in the Sky: The Breathtaking View

Last June 13, 2015, we traveled the road traveled by many before us. All we want is to go to Sitio La Presa and visit the location of the famous TV series, Forevermore. To take pictures of the Calay’s house…the bench…of Bonita the pig, Justin Bibe the duck, the chickens…and the plantation where the strawberries were planted and where the “kambal na strawberry” was found. 

In looking for a place near the area to stay for the night…we found so much more. We found a place to relax…to just let the time pass us by…a place aptly called “Cafe in the Sky”.

A gem of A place that almost touch the sky
Where clouds seemed like an arm length away

Foggy Afternoon

This is what welcomed us in the parking area of the Cafe…the fog slowly creeping up. But it did not diminish the beauty of the place. Instead, it gave a hint of mystery…of what awaits us the next day.

Looking closely on the fist picture…I was surprised…as in truly surprised...to discover a rainbow beyond the fog and the clouds. I did not know that there's a rainbow when I took the picture.

All the four pictures are taken using my iPhone4S.
Look closely and look for the rainbow...
It's cloud and fog...where one ends and the other begins???

Night View of Baguio City from the Balcony of the Cafe

There were no stars on the night sky but down below were the twinkling lights of Baguio City. The pictures did not do justice to what our eyes saw. Next time we visit, we will do better to capture the night scene…better than these.

The Dawn

Wikipedia define dawn as the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the sun itself is still below the horizon.

I set the alarm at 4:30am…and forced myself to get out of bed when all I really wanted was to snuggle. Because I knew that early morning…before the sun rises...the view would be spectacular…and it was.
The long and winding road...
It's not Mickey Mouse...its the Radar...on the peak of Mount Kabuyao
Baguio City bathe in the golden rays of the dawn
The Cafe in the Sky...Jonjie, the Photographer...and Alphie, the old but new Travel Buddy
DSC_0106 IMG_0933IMG_0967

The Sunrise in All its Splendor.

Magnificent…breathtaking…awesome. The start of a new day. It’s God making His presence known to mankind…spreading the warmth of His eternal love for us.
I love this picture
IMG_0978DSC_0187 IMG_0976IMG_0985

The Photographer
Taken by an iPhone4S

Some of my favorite photos taken by “The Photographer”
The Golden Grass
The Well
Baguio City...up close.
The Lonely Tree


  • After dinner, last call is 7:30pm and before they served breakfast at around 8:30am...we practically have the entire place to ourselves. Alphie is the only car in the parking space.
  • Cafe in the Sky is a restaurant and bed and breakfast...the only one in the area.

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