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Daily Log: The Trouble With Dreaming by Bob Perks


"The Trouble with Dreaming
By Bob Perks

You can dream all you want and want all you dream
But sooner or later you have to put feet on them or they'll just die in place.
Dreams can't go anywhere.  They just stay right where you left them the last time you even considered them at all.

They are indeed convenient.  No one has to know a thing about them.  No one has to see them or touch them but you.  So, in reality they don't even exist until you say so.

I ask you what good is a dream if you don't bring it to life.  I mean why waste your time if you are only going to tuck it away? 

The trouble with dreaming is it gets you nowhere.  Oh, perhaps in your mind.,  You can dream of far away places and pretend that you are there.  I must ask you why not come up with a plan based on reality and get yourself there?
Why not?
Are your dreams simply childish fantasies?

Permit me to ask you, too, what is stopping you from attaining your dream?
Is it money?  It's always money.
Well, my friend you don't have a money problem you have an idea problem.  You need a strategy to get the money you need to make your dream come true.

Are you too old, too young?  Nonsense.  Age isn't the problem.  Every dream that is meant to be and has merit, is blind to the age of the dreamer.

Are you too male, too female, too black, too white, not Hispanic enough?
That's a joke, too.  These are labels society has created and for every label there are  dozens of men and women who never even considered them when they pursued their dreams anyway.

That's the trouble with dreaming.  Dreams know no barriers or limitations when the dreamer makes the decision to turn that dream into reality.

Yes, my friend.  You are either a dreamer or a believer.
Believers are achievers.

Dreamers?  Well, they live in the land of might have been.

"I believe in you!"
"Live an inspired life!"