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Daily Log: What is "Meant To Be" by Bob Perks

What is "meant to be?"
We say it when good things happen.
We say it when bad things happen.
Or we add in "wasn't."  As in "It wasn't meant to be."

There is truth in it, but there are also lies.
Something goes right and we believe that there may have been some divine intervention.  How do we know it?

Maybe it just was. Maybe what happened is simply what we wanted so we declare it, "Meant to be."  But was it?  Or are we just making it so?

Maybe we use it to console one another when things go wrong.
"I'm sorry.  Maybe it just wasn't meant to be."
"Destined to exist."  That's how it is defined.
Another look at it says,
"For those who believe in fate... it would fall into that realm.
For those who believe in God... it would depend on His will.
For example... "as Fate would have it" (assuming fate has control)...or, "according to God's will" (placing it in the hands of a higher power... who is believed to have control).
"Meant to be" insinuates that something else has control of it."

Now that's interesting. 
If we believe that "something else has control over it," then we could easily explain our failures and successes, almost to the point that we would never really have to try hard, work for it, or even believe we deserve it.

There was a popular song sung by Doris Day.  The chorus went like this:
"Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be."

It's really a nice laid back attitude.
I ask you then why try?
What good are goals?  Dreams?  Plans?  Or perhaps even Prayer?

In my life I have come to the conclusion that there really is a purpose for "meant to be." 

"Meant to be" by Bob Perks
For life to be good it is meant to be challenging and difficult.
For love to be real it is meant to be tested and proven.
For faith to be of value it is meant to be tried at times.
For hope to exist we are meant to be strong in our belief that if God is, so is hope.
For one to be found we are meant to be lost so we understand what coming back again feels like.
For one to live life fully we are meant to be aware that life is fragile.
For one to win we are meant to lose.
For one to finish we are meant to begin and never quit.

"Meant to be" is simply God's plan for me.

So, "meant to be" should not be taken lightly or used as an excuse.
For since you were created by God you were meant to be living a good life, loved, faith-filled, hopeful, found, enjoying the fullness of life, a winner and never a quitter.

That's how God expects it to be.

"I believe in you!"
"Live an inspired life!"