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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

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Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

Year In Review: A Look Back At 2014, A Peek At 2015

Picture taken last January 02, 2015 at Sabang Beach during our trip to Baler, Aurora
All endings are a chance to rest, to breathe, to reflect on the conclusion of the journey in preparation for the new one.
– Author Unknown

Goodbye 2014…Hello 2015! Another year has ended and a new one is already unfolding. And I am trying to write my very first year in review… But just like with every first, I am struggling. I’d been meaning to start it as early as December, but it’s the busiest season for completing the Christmas list, parties, reunions, so I stalled. Then, we took advantage of the long weekend after New Year and went on a 3-day road trip, so it was put off again.
I was able to write a few words last January 5, but found it is not as easy as I think it is. And here I am again, trying to arrange my jumbled thoughts.
  1. Highlights…what went well last 2014?
  2. Lowlights…what didn’t go so well?
  3. What am I looking forward?


Writing. After several years of contemplating to write and just saying it to myself and to my husband, I finally started this blog. Hitting the published button with my first post was exhilarating…as in “whew”. Then I had some doubts if I can really continue writing, especially when I read some of the posts of the seasoned bloggers. Afterwards, I will be inspired to write again. The last 6 months since I hit “Publish” last June 9, 2014 was like a roller coaster ride. There were times my mind and my fingers are so in-tuned that I can finish a post in just a few minutes. But there were times, when I just sit in front of the computer and…nothing. But in the end, I would gladly say all went well, because I keep writing.
Traveling. We started and ended 2014 with travel. And most were unplanned…destinations not final until the day before or on the day, no booked accommodation…just the three of us, our luggage and our ever reliable green car. We seldom splurge during our travels. Mostly, we depended on the post of Pinoy bloggers for best value lodging. And when we reached the area, we ask the locals for the best karenderia or turo-turo.

Visited eight (8) provinces, not including our trips to nearby towns of Pampanga.
Running. Though I only joined 2 running events in 2014, still I considered it as one of the highlights because I ran my first ever half marathon (21K). And, I did it again, which means, that I was halfway through one of my “bucket list”…to run a full marathon before I die.
  • Janiary - GGLC Aetropolis Half Marathon (SCTEX Challenge)
  • March - Clark Animo Run V Marathon
And ever since I discover the MapMyRun apps on mobile phone, I've been using it during my every run. Last January 14, the website released my 2014 End of Year Summary:
  • Total Workouts – 16
  • Total Calories – 6,679 (That's equal to 3 Pizzas)
  • Total Distance – 106 Kilometers (That's equal to 2.51 marathons)
  • Total Steps 167,658 (You climbed Mt. Everest 2.89 times)
  • Total Runs – 11
  • Fastest Pace – 2:52 min/km
  • Longest Run – 22.3 kilometers
  • Average Pace – 9:17 min/km
  • Average Run – 9.57 kilometers
  • Total walks – 5
  • Longest walk – 5.24 kilometers
  • Average walk – 3.29 kilometers


Death of my Mother. This was one of most devastating time of my life. My siblings and I did not see it coming. My mother was a strong and energetic woman, she rarely got sick. When she does, she bounces back in no time. But this time, it’s different. She was hospitalized for almost a month and succumbed to death after a major operation. I guess no one really recovered from a death of a loved one. The pain will haunt you whenever and wherever...I missed her so much.
Sickness in the Family. First it was my daughter last March, her very first hospitalization in 9 years. June and July, it was my mother. And when we thought, it was over, last November I was hospitalized after 15 years.

Running. Though it is one of my highlights but I also considered it as my lowlight. After my second 21K run, I was advised by the Medic to see and consult with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I did not, at first, but when the pain on my knee became intolerable…I had to give in. I was diagnosed with Torn Meniscus Membrane on my right knee. I had to undergo 6 sessions of physical therapy. I was also advised to rest my knee for a while. Simply put…stop running.


Write regularly. At least 2 posts and 5 daily logs a week.

Run regularly. At least 3 times a week.

Regular bonding moments with Dada and with Daniz. Last year, it was always the three of us. But for the few times that Jonjie and I had our “just the 2 of us” moments, we had fun and we want to do it regularly. Not to be left out, Daniz and I will have our own “girl bonding” moment.

Explore Philippines more.  
  • Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Arayat. We have been in Pampanga for 10 years and these mountains are just a few hours away.
  • Banaue and Sagada. Ever since we got married, we have been planning to go on a vacation to the Mountain Province. 15 years after, still a plan.
  • Tuguegarao. It all started when I watched “The Mistress” and saw the church wedding held at the church inside the Callao Cave.
  • Palawan. We have to see up-close and personal one of the New7Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River.
  • Boracay. Foreigners are raving about Boracay Island and was even awarded as the best island in the world last 2012...we have to experience it ourselves.
  • Batanes. To explore the breathtaking beauty of the land...and marvel in its unspoiled wonders.
Own a land in Pampanga. I will continue praying real hard that before 2015 ends, we will be able to find our “dream land” here in Pampanga. I am declaring and claiming that it will happen. But in the end, I will abide by our Lord’s plan for us…His will be done unto us.

Year In Review 2015. To write it as early as I can and post it as early as the 1st Week of January 2016.