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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

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Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen

11 Fun and Enjoyable Rides at Enchanted Kingdom

October 10, 2015, we celebrated Daniz 10th birthday at Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna... from 9:00am to 8:30pm. We arrived at the place 2 hours before it opens and left 30 minutes before it closes.

Jonjie and I are not fond of adventure rides, but it is her birthday...and so, "her wish is our command". The reason why we requested two of her beloved Ate...Cris and Bevs...to join us.

Tiring but "fun-joyable" day (new term short for fun and enjoyable courtesy of Daniz). Including the travel time from Mabalacat, Pampanga to Enchanted Kingdom and back, from 6:20am to 12:00am...it's almost 18 hours.

During breakfast the following day, we asked her to rank the rides, 1 being the most "fun-joyable". And here it is:

1.  Flying Fiesta

Experience an exhilarating swing ride on it. Guests get the feel of flying as the rotation speed of the 52 swing seats increases while a wave motion is created by gradual lifts, drops and tilts. Parent and child will have a thrilling and memorable ride on the tandem seats.
She love the feel of flying, of speed especially in mid-air and the rotating motion. This is freedom...and fun...and exciting...and enjoyable. She rode this twice.
It was an easy feat for her as she was able to conquer the Giant Swing at Sandbox Alviera in Porac, Pampanga.

2.  Disk-O-Magic

It is a fun and breathtaking family ride that takes its riders on a spinning and rocking adventure of motion. This state-of-the art ride from Italy has 24 motorcycle-like pedestal seats that maximize visual impact for onlookers and riders alike.
While most are shouting because of fear or nervousness, look at her and that pure smile of joy! And as it goes higher, back and forth, as if we could hear her laughter.

3. Anchor's Away

Experience casting off on a pirate ship and sail over imaginary waves in pendulum motion. This ship can accommodate up to 50 riders and from full stop, swings back and forth until it reaches a maximum angle of 70 degrees.
This ride meant to make your stomach upside down. But for Daniz, this is fun...fun...fun. She's with her Ate Cris and Ate Bev. The second time...she rode it without them.

4.  Roller Skater

This junior coaster is designed for guests who want the up-and-down, twist-and-turn excitement of a roller coaster minus the quick thumping heartbeat that the big thrill rides bring. It has 8 coaches that seat 2 guests each.
Her first ever ride of the day with Ate Cris and Ate Bev. For her, speed is equivalent to fun. Later that day, she were at it again, alone, even if it means waiting in the long line of students who toured EK that day.

5.  Jungle Log Jam 

This is an exciting water ride that takes guests two times up a lift and down a slope before splashing into the water. It gives the thrill of racing along a twisting river with up and down chutes, while seated in a dug-out log. There are 17 logs that can seat up to 4 guests each.
The first slope is the shorter one at the far right then to a twisting river, up to the tallest lift on the far left then down on the tall slope in the middle. Daniz is having the time of her life...

6.  Rio Grande Rapids

Rushing over rough waters on board a rubber raft is no tame experience. It is an exhilarating family (or group) ride that has guests constantly catching their breath while traversing raging white water.  Each of the 11 circular rafts can seat 8 riders for this awesome and refreshing water adventure. Expect to get wet on this ride!
The day is so hot! And it is just fitting that at 3:00pm, after waiting 30 minutes of waiting in line, they were able to ride the rubber raft of Rio Grande. Most of the riders were soaked after the ride...but not the three of them...only part of their back and their shoes.

There is an available drying machine right outside the building for Php150.00, but they preferred to stay wet. And we proceeded to Jungle Log Jam...

7.  Wheel of Fate

Go for a truly enchanting ride on this big, old fashioned Ferris Wheel which lifts the riders over 130 feet into the air. There are 36 gondolas and each gondola can accommodate up to 6 riders. One gets a breathtaking view of the entire theme park and the surrounding areas of Laguna province from the top.
This is a boring ride for her though she enjoyed the view while we are on the extreme top. She even stood up...and it made me tense. Me? I was holding on tightly to the post on the middle of the gondola while trying to take pictures of the surrounding views below.

8.  EKstreme Tower Ride

This thrill ride gives guests a breathtaking view of the expanse surrounding Enchanted Kingdom. The EKstreme Tower takes the rider a minute to get to the top almost 40 meters high before suddenly dropping at 76 kph. This ride will leave you screaming your lungs out for more.
For us, with her bravery, this should be number 1. She's so cool even after the sudden drop...though we've seen her eyes grew wide with a bit of fear. We do not have the picture, but see it for yourself with this video, Daniz EKStreme Tower Ride

9.  Air Race

Boasts of six acrobatic planes that can fly four (4) passengers each. Famous for its simulation of acrobatic exhibition flights, this thriller ride banks, loops, dives, and mimics weightlessness as each plane rotates either 180o or 360o  while revolving  around a central tower. The country’s first and only, Air Race also features remarkable visuals for riders and spectators alike.
This is the second to the last ride that she tried. After the space shuttle, I thought she won't have the heart to do it...but she did. She chose the 180o rotation and wanted to do it again with the 360o, but changed her mind.

10.  Space Shuttle 

It is a thrilling roller coaster ride that turns guests upside-down 6 times – 3 times forward and 3 times backward – all in 2 minutes! With 28 seats in 7 coaches to choose from, guests will surely experience the exhilarating encounter with gravity, whichever seat is selected.
As soon as she saw the space shuttle, she ran directly to the entrance up until the end of the line, ready to conquer it by herself (the 2 "Ates" got knock-out after Anchor's Away). Our mistake...we let her fall in line alone thinking that she will be alright. But she's not. After a few minutes, I saw her walking towards me, shoulders droop and teary-eyed...saying "I'm sorry Mamay, I cannot ride it...I am afraid". Maybe, if we accompanied her...but...there will always be a next and we knew better.

11.  Dodgem

Enjoy an exciting and fun ride of bumper cars. Choose from an array of 24 colorful cars and drive around while both evading and bumping others in the process, for a gratifying experience. Photo courtesy of  http://enchantedkingdom.ph/posts/dodgem/
She wanted to ride the bump car...this is one of her favorite rides together with her Daday Jonjie since she was 3 years old. But she was not able to because there's always a long queue. Maybe she already outgrew it...she's not as keen as with the other rides.

My heart is founding every time she chose the "extreme thrill" ride. But seeing her smile that lit up her face and hearing her laughter...it's all worth it.


  • Description of each rides are taken from the official website of the Enchanted Kingdom, 

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