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JADSpirits Travel Log

JADSpirits Travel Log
JADSpirits Travel Log

Daday's Kitchen

Daday's Kitchen
Daday's Kitchen



We called ourselves JADSpiritsJ for Jonjie, A for Anni, D for Daniz and Spirits as the plural English translation of our family name, Espiritu.

  • Jonjie is EMMANUEL HOLGADO ESPIRITU. Why Jonjie? Exactly my question the first time I heard his full name back in July 1999, because it’s normally Emman or Manny. His candid answer without blinking, “yan ang gusto ng tatay ko, pakialam mo”.

  • I am ANICETA SABENIANO ESPIRITU. To my relatives, I am Cita, until now. My official nickname is Annie but last July after I celebrated my 50th birthday…it became Anni, for a change.

  • Daniz is SHEMAELLA DANIZ. For 7 years, we prayed for her. And when God finally grant our prayers and blessed us with a gift so precious, it is just fitting to name her after the Angel of Gratitude, Shemael. Daniz, came from the English name Denise, a Spanish-like name to match our surname Espiritu.


We got married in a civil wedding ceremony on September 8, 1999 followed by a church wedding on December 27, 1999. I was 33 and Jonjie was 31.

Ours was "a one-week love affair" (isang linggong pag-ibig).

But on my part, it was a result of every Wednesday novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Baclaran after work, rain or shine. Through Mama Mary’s intercession, I received a sign that clearly signify he is “the one”.

For more than a year after our marriage, we lived with my in-laws in Las Pinas City. In 2001, we decided to live on our own and made our home in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

We wanted to have a family, but after almost 2 years of medical intervention and me crying, depressed for a day or two every month, we agreed to just continue praying and wait for God's perfect time.

In September 2003, he found work in Tarlac. The following month, our company transferred from Cavite to Clark, Pampanga. We rented a house in Capas, Tarlac. After a year, we transferred to Angeles City, Pampanga. Our Cavite home became our weekend home.

For 7 years, it was just the two of us. We are happy. We had a good life but there are days that we felt we are not living, just existing. There was a void, an emptiness, a longing.


In 2006, God finally answered our prayers. He gave us the most precious gift of all, our beautiful daughter we named Shemaella Daniz. We became a family! This was also the time we relocated from Cavite and made Pampanga our permanent place of residence.

Daniz has health concerns, some needed medication for just a few months, for others, long-term attention. But, for each concern, God sent someone and became His “angel on earth” to lend us a helping hand and provide what we need at the moment.

When she was three years old, she needed more than just regular visits to the doctor…she needed a special attention from one of us, her parents. 

Between the two of us, Jonjie has the patience required for the situation. He chose to leave the corporate world, be a free lance Engineer, so he could be a full-time Daday to Daniz.

It was eight years since then and he is still the best Daday ever. 

Daniz is our blessing but she is also blessed for having Jonjie as her Daday. And so am I for having him as my husband, my anchor, my everything.

We belong to a middle class family. Jonjie will always say "hindi kami mayaman, may kaya lang...may kayabangan".


I started this blog in June 2014 to chronicle our life as a family, our footprints, our journey.

Though it is personal but I hope that by sharing this online, bits and snippets of it may help, touch, inspire someone else.

I am not a writer. I do not have a formal training  nor experience to boast for it.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and it’s been said that engineers are not good communicator because our discipline is to find solutions to the problems using an applied formula.

I will write what I feel, put my thoughts into words, share our experiences...without much regard for grammar or sentence construction. Most of the time, I will let pictures express what I cannot with words.

In this blog you will find:

  • FAMILY. It is all about our passions and interests, our individual pursuits.
    • Daday's Kitchen. Jonjie loves to cook, making gourmet food into everyday dishes and simple, everyday dishes re-created to be like gourmet food. His dream is to turn Daday's Kitchen into a  family-based restaurant.
    • Daniz Corner. It chronicles the highlights of Daniz life. My way of recording her moments and preserving the memories.
    • Mamay's Thoughts. Its my random thoughts and musings, bible verses and quotes.
    • Handiworks. Documenting our do-it-yourself projects,

  • LIFE. times and things that matters, about us and our loved ones, from ordinary to extraordinary, our lazy days, our dogs.
    • Moments
    • Occasions
    • Our Love Story

  • ADVENTURES. To shares our travels and road trips experiences which are mostly unplanned,...misadventures, places we visited, churches and relics, foods we enjoyed.
    • Churches & Relics
    • Food Trips
    • Travels & Road Trips


Photos used here were taken by Jonjie or by me. Otherwise, due credits are given to the owner or the source. For those who would like to use our photos, may we request to please ask permission by sending us an email or accord us due credits.

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